With all the mud slinging in this presidential election and the heavy influence that the media has with the public, it would be well to consider what that terrible tyrant, Adolf Hitler, boasted: "What luck for rulers that men (and women) do not think!"

We need to consider the weightier matters and what is at stake.

For the sake of brevity this will focus on Donald Trump.

Donald Trump:

· Brings with him the skill of running things cost-effectively, which skill is transferable to government matters. (A HUGE positive)

· Uses offensive language at times. (a less weighty negative)

· Has shown a list of possible candidates for federal court, whose practices and apparent desires show consistency with upholding he Constitution. (a HUGE positive)

· Is a man who would be tough on border security, tough against China's unfair trade practices, who is the better qualified to put our nation on sound financial footing, and to prepare the way for a future presidency of Mike Pence. (A HUGE, HUGE positive)

We need to get the big picture of our terrible financial and terrorist situation, and the long range view of not only a federal government living within its means and reduction and eventual elimination of our national debt, but also the great moral leadership of Mike Pence when his time comes for running for President.

When we act according to the big picture and true, long range goals we cannot go wrong.

Please share these ideas with as many fellow Americans (family, friends, and neighbors) that you can, both locally and across the country. Not that everything depends on the right person being president, because a moral and educated electorate is the foundation for a free people. Even so, let's consider these things and, in the meantime, vote for Donald Trump and Mike Pence to help us in the cause of liberty, and to help us keep our nation great.





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