Welcome to Bring Back America.net. Here you will find vital truths that our country has strayed from since the days of our Founding Fathers. The roots of the problems we are experiencing with Washington, D.C. have their solutions in these core principles.  Without them, we will only be hacking at the leaves, making no real progress.


Among these core principles, the living of which tends to solve problems by themselves, are:

  • Putting Our Trust in God: Since God is the source of our liberties and blessings, we would do well to put our trust in Him, as it says on our coins and currency. Putting our trust in God implies adhering to His Ten Commandments.

  • Strengthening Our Families: Good government begins with good families. Establish rules of responsibility and virtue. Be the example. (See "Suggestions for Building a Stronger Family" in the "Resources" menu to the left.)

  • Promoting the Knowledge of Liberty, Justice, and Our True American Form of Government: The surest safeguard of liberty is the knowledge of the people of the principles of liberty, justice, citizenship, and our genuine American form of government, as well as putting our trust in God. These should be taught to our children in every particular, so that they will have the knowledge necessary to correct the problems we've created for ourselves in government.

  • Preserving the Rights and Responsibilities of Individuals, Families, Businesses, Local and State Governments: The idea that we can solve the problems of society by throwing more money into government programs ignores responsibility. The answer is not in more bureaucracy ... it's in promoting the rights and responsibilities of the individual, the family, and business, helping to make families stronger and more functional, and businesses better able to grow and thrive (providing more jobs), without the burden of excessive taxes or regulation. Administration and appropriate taxes should come from the level of government applicable to the concern.

  • Promoting the True Form and Functions of Our Federal Government: A thorough study of the Constitution that our Founding Fathers brought forth reveals that the federal government was to govern only a federation of states – not the people or businesses directly. Three true and most basic duties of the federal government are:

    • To ensure that the states function well between themselves, such as with interstate commerce and public acts, (being the glue that holds the states together),

    • To provide for the common defense (being the shield that protects the states), and

    • To provide for proper foreign relations (being the voice to other nations).

    Almost all other duties are the responsibilities of the states, the local governments created by them, or the people.

The wonder of the Constitution, as established by our Founders, is found not only in the limited powers of the federal government, but also in its checks and balances, its wise federal election structure (the people electing their U.S. Representatives, the state legislatures appointing their U.S. Senators, and educated and informed delegates from each state [the 'electoral college'] casting their own votes for President and Vice President according to qualifications, not necessarily charisma or any other superfluous quality), and federal representation. Together, these prevent tyranny, make for the best decision making in federal elections, and unite the will of the people and the state governments in making federal laws, making the states truly united. By being true to those things, which make up our genuine, American form of government, and trusting in God, liberty is preserved.


Each widespread problem we have in society can be traced to a violation of at least one of these core principles.  By repealing bad laws, and keeping only those necessary to preserve principles, society runs more smoothly and there are fewer laws that need to be written. As Thomas Jefferson said, “The path we have to pursue is so quiet that we have nothing scarcely to propose. A noiseless course, not meddling with the affairs of others, unattractive of notice, is a mark that society is going on in happiness.”


Also, we are not following the U.S. Constitution in electing a president.  Presidential electors, called the Electoral College, are supposed to elect a president. It was meant to consist of knowledgeable and informed persons who vote for a president according to qualifications.  Presidential elections have evolved to where the people are now the presidential electors, and the Electoral College has become merely a leveraging gimmick.  We need to correct this by requiring the state legislatures to enact state laws by which presidential electors are chosen not by party, but by their knowledge of the Constitution and the principles of liberty, to cast their own informed votes for a president. Thus, the Electoral College would not be merely keeping a meaningless technicality, but the full spirit and meaning of their constitutional duty.


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